Molecular Biology Refresher Course with Bioinformatics
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For the seventh successive year, we are offering the Molecular Biology Refresher Course with Bioinformatics for the sub-specialty fellows starting the laboratory research component of their fellowship. This initiative, led by Dr. Amber Miller, president of the Postdoctoral Association at BCM, consists of a series of didactic and practical sessions in molecular biology and other laboratory techniques. These primer/review sessions will provide you with an update of the current state of the art in terms of molecular biology techniques that will be useful if it has been many years since your last laboratory experience. For those who have no prior laboratory-based research experience, this series will provide an excellent background as you get started with the research component of your fellowship.

The list of topics to be presented include:

  • Cell cycle and chromosomal instability
  • CRISPR applications and Animal Models
  • DNA repair, recombination, and genomic instability
  • DNA replication and PCR methods
  • DNA structure and genomes
  • Epigenomics: methylation and histone modifications
  • Gene expression: Non-coding RNA and personalized medicine. Breaking the genetic enigma
  • Gene expression: Transcription, RNA alternative splicing, RNA Seq
  • GWAS Populations Genetics
  • Introduction, medical application and recent advances in molecular biology and bioinformatics
  • Molecular Cloning
  • Next-generation DNA sequencing methods
  • Protein modifications: localization and activity
  • Targeted genome editing, CRISPR
  • Translation, function prediction and detection of proteins

Download/Print Course Schedule

To attend these courses, you have to register for each lecture online from the link below. Other fellows or junior faculty in your department are also welcome to attend if they register.

Registration opens two weeks before each lecture and closes on Thursday at 6 p.m. the week of the lecture.

Lectures & Registration
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