2011 Pediatrics Pilot Grant Awardees

Investigator's Name Pediatrics Section Project Title
Carl Allen, MD, PhD Hematology/Oncology Activating BRAF Mutations and Pathogenesis of Langerhan Cell Histocytosis
Andrea Cruz, MD Emergency Medicine Expanding Tuberculosis Diagnostic Tools for Children with HIV/AIDS in Resource-limited Settings
David Curtis, PhD Psychology A Randomized Clinical Trial Examining the Efficacy of Structured Dyadic Behavior Therapy for Children with ADHD
Aaron Foster, PhD Hematology/Oncology Development of a Cirumsporozoite Antigen Nanovaccine for the Treatment and Prevention of Malaria
Lisa Kahalley, PhD Psychology Cognitive Outcome of Proton Beam vs. Conventional Radiation Therapy for Pediatric Brain Tumor (2010 PPA Renewal)
Katherine King, MD, PhD Infectious Diseases Effects of Inflammation on Hematopoietic Progenitor Populations in Human Bone Marrow
Robin Kochel, PhD Psychology Mutations Associated with Carnitine Deficiency as a Risk Factor for Regression in Autism Spectrum Disorders: A Case Control Study
Tsz-Kwong Man, PhD Hematology/Oncology Targeting the KIP Family Proteins in Metastatic Osteosarcoma
Eyal Muscal, MD Rheumatology Early Markers of Cerebrovascular Disease in Adolescents with Systemic Lupus Erethymatosus (SLE): A Multimodal Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Pilot Study
Christina Nance, PhD Allergy and Immunology Translational Research of Natural Anti-HIV Agents as HIV-1 Microbicides for Adolescents and Women
Teresia O'Connor, MD, MPH Children's Nutrition Research Do Parent's Outcome Expectancies of TV Viewing Relate to Hispanic Children's TV Viewing and Physical Activity? Scale Validation
Anil Panigrahi, PhD Hematology/Oncology Targeting Histone H3 Methylation on Lysine 79, a Leukemogenic Chromatin Signature
Christopher Rhee, MD Neonatology Relationship between Pressure-Autoregulation and Arterial Blood Pressure in Critically ill Neonates
David Schwartz, PhD Psychology Prevention of Non-Adherence in At-Risk Children and Youth with Type 1 Diabetes
Partha Sen, PhD Nutrition To Investigate the Over Expression of H19 and MEG3, Two Non-Coding RNAS< in Lung Development
Lakshmi Venkateswaran, MD Hematology/Oncology Prospective Crossover Trial of Oral Tranexamic Acid and Combined Oral Contraceptive in the Management of Adolescent Menorrhagia
Jianhong Wu, PhD Hematology/Oncology Exploring the Mechanistic Role of RECQL4 in Osteosarcoma