2019 Pediatrics Pilot Grant Awardees

Investigator's Name Pediatrics Section Project Title
Clay Cohen, MD, BS Hematology/Oncology Investigating a novel endothelial cell model of human coagulation
Sarah Gunter, PhD, MPH Tropical Medicine Defining the clinical epidemiology of emergent spotted fever group rickettsiosis in Belize
Gregory Guthrie, PhD Nutrition Modeling Liver Injury and Treatment of Biliary Atresia Using Neonatal Pigs
Sarah Injac, MD, BA Hematology/Oncology Examining the role of the transcription factor in high risk medulloblastoma tumorgenesis
Parag Jain, MD Critical Care Novel Multimodal Postoperative Arrhythmia Detection Tool in Children with Congenital Heart Disease
Holly Lindsay, MD, MS Hematology/Oncology PIRATE: A phase 1 trial of RRx-001 for recurrent or progressive malignant central nervous system tumors
Heather Lukolyo, MD, MHSc Hematology/Oncology Evaluation of an Educational Intervention to Improve Early Detection of Childhood Cancers and Blood Disorders Among Front-Line Health Workers in Botswana
Jeroen Pollet, PhD Tropical Medicine Design and Synthesis of mRNA-Encoded Single-Domain Antibodies for the Prevention and Treatment of Bacterial Infections.
Mustafa Tosur, MD Endocrinology & Metabolism Dissection of heterogeneity of pediatric diabetes using islet autoimmunity and beta-cell function: A prospective pilot study
Manpreet Virk, MD Critical Care Characterisation of Sepsis Induced Diaphragm Dysfunction in Critically Ill Children.
Joanna Yi, MD Hematology/Oncology Targeting SETD2 to Reverse Chemotherapy Resistance in Pediatric Leukemia