Cardiovascular Research Institute (CVRI) Pilot Awards Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

1. Are both clinical and basic research applications accepted?

Yes, clinical, basic and translational projects are all accepted.

2. Must applicants be members of the CVRI?

All applicants must be members of the CVRI. Membership is free. Please visit for more information.

Primary Investigators must be BCM faculty members with a primary appointment at BCM. Collaborators (co-investigators) may hold primary appointments to other institutions, provided they are CVRI members; however subcontracts are not permitted to other institutions. A research team may consist of PI/collaborators from the same department if they are from different sections. Trainees may work on a project but are not eligible as primary investigators or collaborators.

3. May an applicant be listed on multiple applications?

Yes, as long as each application is separate and unique.

4. Is there a limit to how many times an individual may receive the award?

No, there is no limit as long as each application awarded is separate and unique.

5. Are subcontracts or consultants permitted on the award?

No; the award is funded by the College and funds are intended to be spent to support work at the College.

6. What fund type is the award?

The award is type 1 unrestricted funds. The funds do not carry over into new fiscal years, so extensions are not possible. Each awardee will have a new account set up to receive the funds.

7. Are previous awardees permitted to apply for a second year of funding?

Previous awardees may apply again if the proposal is for a new pilot project unrelated to the original project that received CVRI Pilot Award funding. If it is for the same project, then previous awardees are not eligible to apply for a consecutive, back-to-back year and therefore, must wait at least 2 years to apply again.