David D. Moore, Ph.D.

Molecular & Cellular Biology

New receptors: old drugs and new ideas

David D. Moore, Ph.D., received the award for his research on the functions of new members of the nuclear hormone receptor superfamily. This superfamily includes the well-known steroid and thyroid hormone receptors, along with a number of other proteins whose function was not known. Over the last several years Dr. Moore's work has identified compounds that regulate the activity of several of the newer members of this family and elucidated their function. These studies have revealed that one of these new receptors, called CAR, functions in a chemical defense response that protects the body from potentially toxic foreign compounds, and may also be involved in the management of endogenous toxic products. Dr. Moore has also characterized the functions of two other receptors, FXR and SHP, in cholesterol metabolism and identified a natural product that lowers LDL cholesterol levels as a specific FXR antagonist.

Dr. Moore’s nomination was based on the following publications:

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