P. Read Montague, Ph.D.


P. Read Montague, Ph.D.

Neural Responses to Trust and Model-building in a Simple Social Exchange

Dr. Montague received the award for his work using functional brain imaging, high speed imaging systems communications, computational analysis, and human experimental protocols to address important problems of the biological basis of human social cognition.

Dr. Montague’s nomination was based on the following publications:

Montague PR, Hyman SE, Cohen JD." Computational roles for dopamine in behavioural control. ". Nature. 2004 Oct 14;431(7010):760-7.

McClure SM, Li J, Tomlin D, Cypert KS, Montague LM, Montague PR . " Neural correlates of behavioral preference for culturally familiar drinks. ". Neuron. 2004 Oct 14;44(2):379-87.

King-Casas B, Tomlin D, Anen C, Camerer CF, Quartz SR, Montague PR. " Getting to know you: reputation and trust in a two-person economic exchange. ". Science. 2005 Apr 1;308(5718):78-83.