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Clinical Research Education seminars are now available for providers, fellows, and clinical research staff. This initiative, led by Research Resources Office (RRO), will provide an excellent overview of institutional and regulatory requirements as well as institutional resources. First-time investigators are especially encouraged to attend.

The list of topics to be presented include:

  • Confounding and causal inference
  • Data (TBD)
  • Diversity in Research and Inclusion Initiatives
  • Epidemiology Research
  • From Confusion to Confidence (p = 0.001): Statistical inference
  • Golems Galore: All about specific statistical tests
  • Pediatric Intensive Care Research
  • Research Administration Updates
  • Research IT (TBD)
  • Statistical Mud Monsters: Biostatistics from the ground up
  • Statistics for Clinical Research Studies
  • TCH Research Services
  • The Big Time: Basics of epidemiologic analys
  • Through the Wormhole: Learning to describe populations, samples, and sampling distributions
  • Time is running out: Basics of survival analysis
  • Trying Times for All: Basics of clinical trials
  • Vaccine Refusal

All Department of Pediatrics and TCH personnel are welcome to attend.

Please register online using the link below. Registration opens two weeks before each seminar.

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