2019 Pediatrics Educational Scholarship Awardees

Grant Awardees
Investigator's Name Pediatrics Section Project Title
Audrea Burns, PhD Hematology/Oncology Developing an Instrument to Determine Residents’ Developmental State in Professionalism Using “Threshold Concepts” as a Framework
Dalia Bashir, MBBS
Tom Fogarty, MD, BS
Fong Lam, MD, BA
Critical Care Gamification in Medical Education - Development of a Free “Choose Your Own Adventure” Platform for Medical Education
Hatel Moonat, DO
Loan Nguyen, MD, BS
Faith Kinnear, MSN
Hematology/Oncology Implementing and Assessing a Sustainable Community Based Pediatric Palliative Care Education Model Using a National Curriculum
Kasey Davis, MD Critical Care Applied Improvisation and TeamSTEPPS®2.0
Matei Petrescu, MD Critical Care Provider resilience: Stronger Individuals or Better Context?
Meghna Sebastian, MBBS Adolescent Medicine & Sports Medicine Weight Management in Adolescents and Young Adults: An Educational Intervention for Integrated Clinical Teams at School-Based and Family Planning Clinics
Melissa Carbajal, MD, BS Neonatology Validation of the Learning Environment Assessment Framework (LEAF) Tool
Mohan Pammi, MD, MB
Aarti Bavare, MBBS
Neonatology The Evidence Academy: Expanding the Domains of Education and Collaboration
Mona Khattab, MBBCh
Kyle Brown, MD, BA
Neonatology and Critical Care Development and Implementation of NICU Point-of-Care Ultrasound Education and Training Program as a Crucial Step to Improve the Quality and Safety of Patient Care
Moushmi Sur, MBBS, BS Critical Care Applying the Assessment of Reasoning Tool (ART) to Facilitate Effective Feedback to Medical Trainees
Nino Rainusso, MD
Dan Lemke, MD
Hematology/Oncology and Emergency Medicine Comparison of Two Team-based Debriefing Strategies for Simulation-based Training of Pediatric Residents in the Delivery Bad News: Reflective Practice vs. Debriefing with Good Judgment
Parag Jain, MD, MBBS
Javier Lasa, MD
Critical Care Creating a Novel Curriculum for Innovations in Healthcare using Theory of Co-Production as a Conceptual Framework
Thomas Welch-Horan, MD, BA Emergency Medicine Reflection to Advance Teamwork and Patient Safety: A Curriculum Development Pilot for Debriefing Clinical Events at Texas Children’s Hospital