2011 Pediatrics Educational Scholarship Awardees

Investigator's Name Pediatrics Section Project Title
Beth Garland, PhD Adolescent Medicine & Sports Medicine A Brief Experiential Learning of Motivational Interviewing for Managing Adolescent Overweight/Obesity
Danny Castro, DO Critical Care The PICU Boot Camp Curriculum: Does Skills Acquired Equal Skills Retained?
Elisabeth Hastings, MPH, RD, CSPLD Adolescent Medicine & Sports Medicine The Process Portfolio: An Innovative Tool to Document and Evaluate Leadership Competency
Elizabeth Montgomery, MD, MPH Retrovirology Helping Babies Breath - Basic Neonatal Resuscitation with Baylor International Pediatric AIDS Initiative
Faria Pereira, MD Emergency Medicine Does an Office Based Educational Curriculum on Pediatric Medical Emergencies Affect Medical Interventions Initiated in the Office?
Geeta Singhal Das, MD, Med Hospital Medicine Integration of Crisis Resource Management Principles to Rapid Response Teams and Codes at West Campus
Heather L. Crouse, MD, MPH Emergency Medicine From Curriculum Development to Bi-Directional Education: Utilizing ETAT to Build a Comprehensive Academic Global Health Program
Joyee Vachani, MD
Pratip Nag, MD, PhD
Hospital Medicine Validated Quality Curriculum: Improvement in Healthcare One Patient at a Time
Judith Campbell, MD
Debra Palazzi, MD
Infectious Diseases Pediatric Fellows College
Kathryn Ostermaier, MD Developmental Pediatrics Development, Implementation and Competency-Based Evaluation of a Longitudinal Curriculum in Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics
Rohit Shenoi, MD Emergency Medicine An Interactive Spaced Program on Trauma for Pediatric Residents and Fellows