What is LATINO?

The Latin American Trans-ancestry INitiative for OCD genomics (LATINO) is an NIH-funded research study with the goal of identifying factors contributing to the development of OCD in individuals who identify as Latino/Hispanic. It is being conducted by a group of researchers throughout the United States and Latin American countries. We are recruiting individuals who have had, or think they might have, OCD and are of Latin American/Hispanic ancestry. Interested participants will answer questions about their experience with OCD and provide a spit sample for DNA.

To take our survey click here.

To participate in LATINO you must:

  • Have experienced symptoms of OCD now or in the past (even if you did not seek treatment)

  • Have at least one grandparent who identifies as Latino/Hispanic

  • Be between the ages of 7 and 89

There are 4 simple steps to sign up for LATINO:

  • Provide consent for yourself or your minor child

  • Complete the ~5 minute eligibility survey

  • Someone will reach out to schedule you for an interview (by Zoom, phone or in person)

  • Send a DNA sample through the mail using our spit kit

We would like to emphasize that you can stop taking part in LATINO at any time.

How to provide a spit sample: